How DC Open Doors Works For You

DCHFA “DC Open Doors” is designed to be a Washington, D.C. zero down home purchase program for those wishing to purchase a home in downtown DC.  The program, when used properly, eliminates your Down Payment when you purchase a home or condominium.

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This program and funding is available to both first time home buyers and repeat home buyers. "First time home buyer' means you have not owned your primary residence for the last 3 years. If you currently own your primary residence, you can still apply for $0 Down. Your current home must be sold and settled prior to closing on your $0 Down home.

The DC Open Doors program will work for you if you:

  • Earn UNDER $140,640 per year
  • Have a fair Credit Score (660+).
  • Find a home or condo that qualifies for DC Open Doors.
  • Have a Real Estate Agent and DCHFA approved lender/mortgage professional to facilitate home purchase & financing.
  • Live in the home you purchase for at least the first 5 years of ownership.

If you meet the criteria above, then it makes sense for you to seriously consider using the DCHFA “DC Open Doors” Program. DC Open Doors is relatively easy to apply for and use to pay your Down Payment, but you must be careful and complete all steps carefully.

The DC Open Doors program by DCHFA eliminates the down payment for you, creating a $0 down home purchase program that is easy to qualify for and use. However, it does not eliminate ALL costs related to buying a home or condo. You will still be responsible for Closing Costs on the home when you purchase, Loan Application fees, Home Inspection fees, and Appraisal fees. These are all typical costs related to ANY home or condo purchase in any city in the country.

Our Role in the DCHFA Open Doors Program & how we help you:

  • Our firm is a private DC real estate brokerage based in the U Street Corridor. We are a team of DC real estate agents who love helping first time homebuyers, new DC residents & those wishing to move into DC.
  • It costs you no cash up front to use our Agents & expertise; if you find a home and qualify, we are paid a commission on the transaction just like any other real estate agent.
  • Our agents are fully trained in DCHFA Open Doors program rules, qualifications,  etc. Plus, if you do not initially qualify for DC Open Doors, we can still potentially help you. There are other privately offered financing programs and assistance that help make homebuying easy.


  • I Earn Less Than $140,640
  • I have Decent Credit (640+)

*Other restrictions apply. You do not have to be a current DC resident to qualify & use this program!


We are full-service real estate agents that help you succeed in buying a $0 Down Payment home!

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