Using DC Open Doors for Traditional Home or Condo Purchases in DC

DC Open Door's $0 Down home buyer assistance program started in June, 2013 and is funded by the DC Housing Finance Agency to eliminate down payment obstacles for DC residents. Housing costs are high in DC and, in an effort to encourage owning a home in the city, the DCHFA funds the down payment (up to 3.5%) for a typical FHA or similar mortgage loan on qualifying properties.

The 3.5% Down Payment is paid by DCHFA and you, as the buyer, are issued a 5 year loan for that down payment. The loan, however, decreases by 20% a year for 5 years with no payments due during its term, meaning the loan is "forgivable".

As long as you live in the home for the first 5 years, the Down Payment Loan Balance results in $0 being owed at the end of the first 5 years.

Use DC Open Doors to buy a home or condominium in the city and take advantage of this free down payment program. With the down payment eliminated, spending $150,000 - $400,000 to buy your first home downtown becomes a much more fun, relaxing and easy process.

This is a rare opportunity for those who want to live in downtown Washington, D.C.  Start our DCHFA DC Open Doors enrollment process now.

This program and funding is available to both first time home buyers and repeat home buyers. "First time home buyer' means you have not owned your primary residence for the last 3 years. If you currently own your primary residence, you can still apply for $0 Down. Your current home must be sold and settled prior to closing on your $0 Down home.


  • I Earn Less Than $140,640
  • I have Decent Credit (640+)

*Other restrictions apply. You do not have to be a current DC resident to qualify & use this program!


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